The Consultation

When you come for your consultation, have it in your mind what it is about your nose that you wish to have corrected. If you wish to bring along images of noses you like then please do so.


Dr Nick McIvor will evaluate your expectations of rhinoplasty and give an indication of what changes are achievable with your nose, considering such factors as nasal/ facial harmony ethinic background, skin elasticity and function. In some case the chin can be altered to give a more balanced profile.


You will have the opportunity to view and evaluate the before and after photos of patients whom Dr McIvor has operated. If you wish, we can arrange for you to talk to patients whom have had rhinoplastic surgery by Dr McIvor.

Your nose will be photographed and the following week you will receive those images together with possible changes that Dr McIvor believes reflect your aims. You will be asked to study the images and when ready, return for a second consultation. Occasionally further photos are taken at this time.


If you wish to proceed with surgery,  a date can usually be arranged within 2 to 3 weeks if desired.



Initial Consultation: $240.00

Follow Up Consultation: $ 120.00